The eGuide to Arunachala Giripradakshina mobile app project

A key part of the solution to support preservation activities at Arunachala is a smartphone app called the eGuide to Arunachala Giripradakshina. The eGuide will provide devotees and visitors with multimedia content about each of the sacred points of interest (temples, lingams, etc.) around the entire Giripradakshina path. The content will be launched automatically once the user’s GPS detects that they have arrived at a point of interest. Money collected from the purchase of the eGuide and a donation feature within it will fund activities to preserve and protect Arunachala (before and after it has achieved World Heritage Site status). The money generated through this product will solve a key problem for conservation of sacred sites, which is a reliable source of funds for the local community in their conservation efforts.

This project is currently underway. Come back to this site for more information about the eGuide project.

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2 Responses to The eGuide to Arunachala Giripradakshina mobile app project

  1. Dr Chakra Das says:

    The idea is perhaps noble but not new…
    There are also disadvantages of Sri Arunachal becoming a WHS;
    Please see:

    An alternative would be to further vigorously strengthen grassroots organisations and encourage local and national administrative bodies to recognise and commit to protection and maintenance of preservation measures of Sri Arunachal and environs…

    Om Arunachal

  2. Kamlesh says:

    I have been visiting Arunachala for last 17 years, and have seen building structures coming up all around the parikrama area on both sides of the road. It MUST stop. And I support this place to be included in World Heritage Site. State & Central Government need to protect this Historical/spiritual place for Hindus. I am prepared to support this campaign.

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